BBQ is what’s about!

Chris Hood – owner of Daddy’s BBQ, retired from the Insurance world and decided he wanted to follow his passion BBQ.

So he had a custom food truck built. and turned it into Daddy’s BBQ.

About Client & Project

Client Bio

Being from Eastern NC, my BBQ roots run deep.  For as far back as I can remember, my family has had a passion for cooking and most of all, eating bbq.  From my great grandfather digging a pit in the yard, filling it with hot coals and slow roasting the perfect pig, my grandfather proudly showing off his homemade pit he made from an old oil barrel to my father burning his eyebrows off the first time he lit a gas pig cooker, my fondest memories growing up somehow always come back to BBQ.
My family’s love of bbq stretches worldwide.  For much of my young life, my father was a Navy pilot.  No matter where we lived in the world, we were always on the hunt for anything that resembled Eastern NC BBQ.  Saddly, nothing would even come close.  To satisfy our cravings, my grandparents would send us a the best care packages ever, five pounds of BBQ every few months.
After my father retired from the Navy, we settled back in Eastern NC where he started a successful local business.  Working alongside him, I fondly remember our lunches enjoying a classic BBQ sandwich and debating on which one of us made the best sauce.
When dad died in 2013, I realized that life is too short to be stuck in an office watching the world go by through my window. I decided to sell my thriving insurance agency to pursue my passion for BBQ.  With my wife and three daughters on board, we contacted George and Daddy’s BBQ was born.  Our goal is to pay tribute to the legacy of my father, grandfather and great grandfather and to share with everyone a taste of the love and traditions passed down in my family through four generations of cooking Eastern North Carolina BBQ.

Chris Hood
Daddy’s BBQ

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Build Specs

Under Construction – Stay Tuned

Client Review

First, let me say that George and his team are phenomenal.  Their passion for excellence shines through in every inch of our truck.  They are masters in their craft and have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  When we first started our food truck journey, we had no idea of what to expect.  From start to finish, George and his crew were patient with all of our questions and knowledgeable with their input.  The end result is nothing short of amazing.  Not only is our truck a show stopper, it is a well-engineered, functional, efficient, professional rolling masterpiece.

— Chris Hood Daddy’s BBQ

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