Jack of all Trades by George on an episode of BBQ Crawl!! – Update

We have just been informed that the new air date for the episode of BBQ Crawl featuring us will air on August 26 at 10:00 am|9 Central on the Travel Channel.

We have just learned that the episode of BBQ Crawl featuring us will air on August 26 at 10:00 am|9 Central on the Travel Channel. We would love for you to tune in and see Our Crew on T.V. with the amazingly talented Danielle Bennett aka Diva Q. We had a great time building not only a Competition BBQ Trailer but a friendship.

If you follow this link: Korean BBQ, Candied Pork, and Whole Hog BBQ , you can find out more about the episode we are in.

Diva Q and Our Crew

To date, the Diva Q BBQ trailer build has been one of our most exciting projects. Everything from the TV film crew coming in to shoot the project,  to Danielle bringing us a truck load of snow from Canada. We had a great time working with Danielle and everyone from BBQ Crawl, they are all a wonderful group of people. Thank you all for this awesome opportunity.

Diva Q picking up her BBQ Trailer

Tune in and watch BBQ Crawl Wednesday’s on the Travel Channel.

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