Howdy, this is the last article of this three part series. So far we have learned how to start from the ground up by getting your food truck made and then how to start running it. Finally we are going to talk about ways to keep your business booming, after sitting down with George, I learned that owning a food truck is more than just one simple investment, it takes a lot of up keep and maintenance. The upside to all of this is that you can bring new cuisines to local people and do what you love.

Navigating Social Media

social media stats part III Social media is a HUGE part in having a successful mobile food business. Social media is going to allow you to tell
people where you’re going to be, when you’re going to be there and what will be happening. Food truck business will spend multiple hours a day updating their social media accounts. So much so that a portion of them will even hire a social media coordinator to do it for them. This will be an extra cost. but if you don’t know how to navigate Twitter, than you can have a
professional do it for you.

The chart by Ben Foster on to your right shows how much the amount of people on  Facebook is growing exponentially.  This article proves that social media is a huge strategy in being successful with a business like a food truck. More and more people are including social media to their everyday routine, so it is important that you stay on top of updating your accounts.

One of the best things to do is to take pictures with your fans, this way future customers will see your interactions with the community which is always inviting.

Prepare for Future Inspections

Your local health department usually will do a health inspection once a year, note that they might be random or short notice. You can check with your health department to know the exact requirements so that way you, and your employees know exactly what has to be done. Remember the point of the health inspector is not close your food truck down, but to keep you and your community safe.

Here are some of the more crucial items that a health inspector will be looking for during the inspection:

  • Proper hand-washing

  • The food is coming from an approved source (such as a retail grocery store that’s properly licensed for food processing)

  • Making sure that foods are kept at safe temperatures

  • Looking that no cross-contamination has come between raw and cooked products

These are just some examples of what they may be looking for, and they may vary according to your local government laws.

Keeping Things Updated

A business that is successful is always evolving with the times. If you keep your same menu and never update your social media you may not do so well. Adding things to your menu will give your current customers an opportunity to try something new, and give future customers desire to come try your cuisine. Jack of all trades by George encourages food truck businesses to come back into the shop to get updates to their truck in order to maintain a modern look, but also be able to get your product out the window as fast as possible.

Final Words…

I hope that this three part series has helped you learn more about the right ways to start a mobile food business. After talking with George from Jack of All Trades, using a resource that has seen the good and the bad in this business, it is clear that a food truck is a smart decision to get involved in. With this helpful guide it should make you feel more confident in your future investment.

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